A wine bar (also known as a bodega) is a tavern-like business focusing on selling wine, rather than liquor or beer.

A typical feature of many wine bars is a wide selection of wines available by the glass.

Some wine bars are profiled on wines of a certain type of origin, such as Italian wine or Champagne.

While many wine bars are private "stand-alone" establishments, in some cases, wine bars are associated with a specific wine retailer or other outlet of wine, to provide additional marketing for that retailer's wine portfolio. In countries where licensing regulations allow this, some wine bars also sell the wines they serve, and effective function as a hybrid between a wine shop and a wine bar.

Wine bars put a new spin on wine tasting. They seek to remove the association of wine with upscale clientele and overwhelming wine lists and replace it with a more casual and relaxing atmosphere. Many of these bars are furnished with nooks and cozy booths encased in rich colors and plush surroundings in hopes their guests will linger.


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